Braemar knitted graffiti

Yarnstorming at Braemar















I came across this beautiful Art installation while travelling from Dundee to Glasgow. We stopped in a little town called Braemar, very close to the Royal Summer Resinence Balmoral Castle. It is a touristy place and as we aproached the town central car park I saw this metal gazebo wrapped in amazingly colourful knitted patchwork fabric. I had no idea why it was there, who was the artist or artists and what was the Cheap Football Jerseys purpose of it. 

It was on a leter date I started looking on the net to find more about it. I didn’t manage to find the artist name but found out while browsing that this type of knitted art was actually masive around the world. It is apparently called Yarnstorming, Yarnbombing, ray ban outlet Guerrilla Knitting or even Graffiti Knitting.

So according to the web, this Art movement started in Texas, USA with the artist Magda Sayeg  started the movement when she desided to cover the handle of her boutique with a custom made knitted cosy.














Well the story is that the idea developed into a street Art movement around the world and the concept from a simple cozy widened to a “telling a stitched story”. The innovator claimed to be is Lauren O’Farrell, English born Artist and Autor signing her installations with the name with Deadly Knitshade. She is also Wholesale Jerseys a founder of the cheap nfl jerseys UK Art society “Stitch London” and throwback nba jerseys “Knit the City”. The websites Wholesale Jerseys are so interesting, full of images, new projects and tons of humour.

lauren o'farrell

Lauren O’Farrell














Just open Pinterest and type Yarnstorming…oh my goodness…delight for my eyes. Happy colours, soft, inviting knitted fabrics covering famous landmarks… The installations are still illegal in many countries but better tolerated I think as they can wholesale china jerseys be taken down fairly easyly and usually don’t tend to damage the surface underneath. However some installations last years attracting people from around the world, not bad for the economy I think…

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<p Ireland class=”wp-caption-text”>Yarnstorming at Braemar

















Yarnstorming ay Braemar.

Yarnstorming ay Braemar.













Yarnstorming at Braemar

Yarnstorming at Braemar














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Yarnstorming in Los Angeles













Yarnstormed house

Yarnstormed house













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Helsinki Cathedral stairs













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Knitted Monster Benches in San Fransisco


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