Sweet potato vine


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A Little update in August with the latest pictures. So I kept the strongest and best looking plant, waited to develop strong root system and planted in rich compost and sand soil in ratio для 50/50. I know the Sweet Potato plant loves sun and heat so I am not sure how well it will do here in Scotland. However it is now outside and looks happy. However I don’t jordan sale know how fast this plant grows hockey jerseys in its’ native country but here it’s pretty slow. The latest images are 4 months after I have started the plant (end of  March). I take I will need to keep inside during the winter and bring it back out for hockey jerseys the next Summer. The experience will still go on as I need to try to get these magnificent vines I’ve seen on the net….or prove that Sweet Potato cannot survive in Scotland. 


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 I had this idea while browsing <a href="" cheap Wholesale China Jerseys oakley sunglasses target=”_blank”>Pinterest. to start a Sweet potato vine plant. This happened when I saw beautiful images of hanging baskets with Sweet potato vines planted with other hanging plants and flowers. 

Well I started this in the end of March this year hoping I’ll be able to have fully grown plants to display by the end of June maybe July at the latest. And as you can see not much is happening here… With this speed of gowing I will probably have Wholesale Jerseys the chance to plant a hanging basket with oakley sunglasses Sweet potato vines next summer!

<img class=" wp-image-443 alignleft" src="" alt="sweet potato vine Wholesale NFL Jerseys Thea” srcset=” 2448w, 225w, 768w, 1260w, 1890w” sizes=”(max-width: 630px) 100vw, 630px” />

  However, this is how I started them:

  1. I have cut the Sweet potato

     tubers in two.

  2. Each half has been suspended in

     water using a wooden skewer.

  3. Submerse the tuber in half an

    inch of water.

  4. Keep in Хмель a warm and cheap ray bans sunny


  5. Change water regularly. 

  6. And hope that it is not goint to

    take 8 months for them to start

    developing .



IMG_2639 copy