how to remove a burnt smell from cooked meal. thea

My grandmother Ideas taught me how to remove the burnt taste and smell off a burning cooking. It aplies to cooked stews and soups. jordan oakley outlet sale So when cheap oakleys sunglasses you start cooking something nice but then you go and have a long and interesting conversation on jordan sale the phone or get hooked watching cheap oakleys your favourite TV Cheap Jerseys show you know how it feels when realising the house is filled up with the fumes of the food burning at the bottom of the pot… well there is a tip I use to save the rest and reduce if not remove completely the burnt smell and taste.

1. Remove the pot from the hob, Wholesale NFL Jerseys do not stir! 

2. Fill the Cheap Expression nfl jerseys sink with NBA Jerseys Cheap cold water and put the pot in. Keep the level fake ray bans of the water up to half of the pot height. The point is to get the bottom of the pot submerged. Keep for two minutes. 

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3. ray bans ale Take the pot out and redhead transfer the food without stirring into a new pot leaving the burnt food at the bottom. 


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4. Usually this make the burnt smell and taste disappear and you can still enjoy your meal.