So my daughter had cheap oakleys sunglasses this topic Cheap NFL Jerseys about the Ancient Egypt. We had to make amongst other things a Crocodile out of recycled materials (paper, fabric, anything) 

And as the news for this project was delivered the night before the teacher needed hockey jerseys it we had to quickly come up with something. Here I share the step by step of how we made it.

You will need authentic nfl jerseys 3 spare toilet rolls, PVA glue, scissors, pen and paint.

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How to make a Wholesale NFL Jerseys Crocodile from toilet rolls.

1. Draw The outline for teeth and jaw on both sides of the roll.

Draw the jaw and teeth outline on both sides.

2. Cut out.

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Cut out following the lines.

3. Draw the eyes on both sides.

Head ready

4. Outline the spine scales.

<span cheap jordan style=”color: #444444;font-family: Verdana, sans-serif”>5. Cut out the outlined shapes.

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6. Outline cheap nfl jerseys and cut the feet shapes.

<div style="clear: both;text-align: cheap nfl jerseys center”> 

7. Apply PVA glue on the hearing inside of the head end. Join two parts of the body.


<span Order style="color: #444444; font-family: Verdana, cheap china jerseys sans-serif;”>8. The body of the Crocodile is finished. Needs tail!


9. Draw and cut out the tail shape using the third roll.

10. Glue in place.

11. Leave to dry for an hour and paint in several shades of green, brown, terracota and yellow. We added some oakley outlet dark green cheap jerseys glitter glue.


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